How to Spot A Fake Diamond

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How to Spot A Fake Diamond
For some people, a diamond is a diamond. For others, only a natural diamond is a diamond.

Diamonds are hard to replicate, due to their very particular set of qualities. However, some replicas can be very convincing.

Diamonds can be created in laboratories, and other materials can be used to create gems that resemble diamonds closely, such as cubic zirconia, moissanite, crystal, and rhinestones.

And for some people, even a natural diamond is a “fake” if it has been enhanced. With so many definitions of fake, it is best to break this question down to address each style of “fake” diamond. The only way of making certain a diamond is real is by having it examined by a professional appraiser.

As a buyer, we should be less afraid of “fake diamonds” and more cautious about the seller representing a diamond stone as accurately as possible. When the diamond is accompanied by a third-party certificate, it is more likely to be what the seller claims it to be. All other purchases are less certain.

If you don’t know much about diamonds. There are some steps that you can take to avoid buying a fake diamond.

First, only deal with reputable jewelers, and when you find a reputable jeweler, stick with them. Avoid buying diamonds or other jewelry from jewelers that you have never dealt with before in the past. Ask to see the certificate for the stone. If no certificate exists, walk away.

Look at the setting that the stone is in. Fake diamonds, such as zirconias, are usually set in low quality metals. Take a close look at the stone. Fake diamonds are not durable – natural diamonds, on the other hand, are the most durable stone on the planet. Look for scratches or nicks.

After purchasing a diamond, take it to another jeweler for appraisal. In fact, take it to two or three other jewelers for an appraisal to make sure that the appraisals are all fairly close. If you find that you have purchased a fake diamond, you may be accused of making a switch when you return to the store of your purchase; therefore, it is important to have a certificate for the diamond. No two stones are alike.
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